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Ep7 | From HYPR to Inspire: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Gil Eyal - Founder, Operator, Investor

Ep7 | From HYPR to Inspire: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Gil Eyal - Founder, Operator, Investor


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This week, we’re speaking with Gil Eyal, founder and former CEO of HYPR, an influencer marketing platform. In keeping with the spirit of Adventures in Growth, Gil charted his course to tech leadership via a non-traditional route, working as an attorney in Israel before getting his MBA and transitioning into startups, first at Mobil, where he became COO, then HYPR as CEO and founder. Gil is now Head of Marketing at Inspire, a Silverstein Properties company, where he is building a startup ecosystem.

Our discussion touches on managing extreme stress as a founder, building great teams, adapting to remote work, realities of selling a company, and frameworks for evaluating opportunities. As you’ll hear, Gil provides exceptional perspectives on leadership, relationships, and connecting with people.

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(0:00:08) - Navigating Startups and the Property Market

Gil shares his experience transitioning to tech leadership, fundraising, product market fit, building a good culture, and the impact of the pandemic on the property market and tech sector.

(0:09:38) - Career Exploration and Decision-Making Process

Gil's journey to tech leadership, gaining experience, self-reflection, and understanding the market are discussed.

(0:18:49) - Improving Product Understanding for Networking Success

Gil shares his approach to market understanding, trade-offs, networking, interview preparation, and leveraging product knowledge.

(0:24:18) - From Celebrities to Influencers

Gil shares his journey from non-traditional background to tech leadership, creating Hyper to identify and evaluate influencers, de-risking the venture, and advice for finding support.

(0:30:47) - The Stressful Role of a CEO

CEO and Founder challenges, technological shift, working with influencers and brands, measuring performance, negative publicity, and threats of lawsuits discussed.

(0:40:16) - Building a Positive Workplace Environment

Gil shares strategies to motivate team, weed out toxic people, and maintain morale while working from home.

(0:46:17) - Remote Work and Selling a Company

Gil shares strategies for motivating a team, creating an enjoyable office environment, understanding the market, and valuing employees.

(0:53:36) - Managing Investor Relationships as CEO

Gil reflects on venture-backed businesses, the stress of running a company, being a number two, and being a more effective and efficient CEO.

(1:00:53) - Successful Investor and Business Leader Lessons

Gil shares strategies for tech leadership, working with influencers and brands, and motivating teams, emphasizing the importance of industry insight.

(1:05:03) - Insights From CEOs and Networking Tips

Gil discusses the reality of the CEO role, the power of connection, a social media hack, exploding a myth, and a networking hack.

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Email - for real estate/proptech opportunities or - for venture investments

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