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Ep 9 | Tales from a Successful COO, Kieran Luke | Lunchbox, General Assembly, BCG

Ep 9 | Tales from a Successful COO, Kieran Luke | Lunchbox, General Assembly, BCG


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Imagine taking the leap from a secure job to a roller coaster ride of a startup; would you have the guts to do it? If you're someone mulling over a career transition or a tech enthusiast itching to navigate the startup terrain, this episode is a treasure trove of insights. Our guest today is Kieran Luke, the accomplished COO at FoodTech Lunchbox. Kieran opens up about his unique career journey, the lessons he learned in the C-suite, and much more.

We're unraveling Kieran's transition from consulting to tech, the value of networking, and the influence of mentors. He doesn't shy away from discussing the financial trade-offs of joining a startup, as well as the crucial role of a COO. You'll hear Kieran candidly talk about managing layoffs with transparency and respect, and why a CEO's role is often defined by what they are not.

As we round off our enlightening conversation, Kieran shares his take on career development, the importance of adaptability, and the impact of standardized certification. He also shines a light on the value of an executive coach and the importance of investing in a company's mission. We delve into the nitty-gritty of financial risks in startups, and Kieran emphasizes the role of a strong team, a powerful mission, and self-acceptance in leading a successful organization. Not to be missed!

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(00:07) Exploring Startups and Tech Leadership

Kieran shared insights on cash flow, bias for action, startup roles, financial trade-offs, scaling, imposter syndrome and career paths.

(07:48) Transitioning Careers and Seeking New Opportunities

Discussed importance of networking, criteria for career move, motivations for entrepreneurial path.

(12:32) Transition From Consulting to Tech Skills

Kieran Luke and I discussed networking, transitioning to tech, and unlearning habits for success.

(17:23) Role of CEO and Career Development

Kieran found motivation in creating quality products, and emphasizes the importance of having a good boss.

(28:42) Key Factors in Managing Layoffs

CEO role, downsizing staff, communication, respect, inspiring hope discussed.

(31:49) General Assembly and Inspiring Leadership Lessons

Kieran Luke discusses taking initiative, self-belief, CEO role, finding a mentor, and strategic decisions.

(39:01) Developing Teams and Instilling Confidence

Kieran Luke and I discussed self-acceptance, strong colleagues, a powerful mission, executive coaching, and investing in the mission.

(45:17) Standardized Certification and Adaptability Importance

Kieran Luke shares insights on career journey, CFA coding, B2B enterprise, CEO role, initiative, self-belief, self-acceptance, strong colleagues, and powerful mission.

(52:00) Assessing Financial Risks in Startups

We consider financials, equity, potential for big outcome, and self-belief when deciding to join a startup.

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