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EP 10 | From Product Leader to Startup Founder With Stephanie Dorsey | Capital One, Metric Collective, Margins Capital

EP 10 | From Product Leader to Startup Founder With Stephanie Dorsey | Capital One, Metric Collective, Margins Capital


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Get ready to join us on an exciting journey with Stephanie Dorsey, the founder and CEO of Margins Capital. Listen in as she recounts her compelling journey from Chief Product Officer to CEO. Stephanie unveils the origin story of Margins Capital, the motivation behind her leap into executive leadership, and her innovative approach to product team management. She shares valuable insights on leadership principles, how to evaluate new hires, emphasizing the need for prioritization, psychological safety, and the construction of trusted alliances.

Venture further with Stephanie as she unravels her groundbreaking strategy to democratize investing for underserved groups. She lays out her company's mission to provide an alternative to traditional investments that requires no in-depth knowledge of the stock market or venture capital. Our conversation uncovers the inspiration behind a diverse portfolio covering private equity, venture capital, spirits, venues, and hospitality. Stephanie explains the process of getting her company registered with the SEC and her plans to make it accessible to retail investors. The discussion extends to why her company chose a risk-averse approach to investing for their target audience over focusing only on venture or private equity.

Stephanie shares her experiences from transitioning from a large corporate environment to leading a startup. She speaks about the challenges she faced, and how they helped shape her approach to business. We also discuss the highs and lows of her career, emphasizing the importance of service as a leader and manager, and how networking played a crucial role in her success. In the closing segment, we have an open conversation where Stephanie shares her personal rule - to converse with everyone who reaches out, and encourages listeners to adopt the same. She also shares her unique approach to the first 90 days of a new job. Listen in to be a part of this enriching discussion and be prepared to have your views on financial success and doing good broadened.

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(00:07) Opening Doors

Stephanie Dorsey shares insights on product leadership, prioritization, psychological safety, and building trusted alliances to open alternative investing to underserved groups.

(10:07) Investing Strategy for Retail Investors

Stephanie Dorsey discusses alternative investments, SEC registration, and a risk-averse approach to investing.

(21:01) Transitioning to Founder From Large Company

Stephanie Dorsey discusses corporate challenges, risk aversion, positives of working in a large organization, and the importance of collaboration.

(36:15) Chief Product Officer's Challenges and Growth

Stephanie Dorsey shares how she used facts to prioritize product investment and influence people, and her journey to becoming a leader.

(48:51) Importance of Authority and Energy in Leadership

Create a 90 day plan, listen more than talk, get quick wins, evaluate team members, build social capital.

(57:51) Reflections on Career, Leadership, and Networking

Stephanie Dorsey challenges convention, emphasizes service, networks, and recommends a book to shift money mindset.

(01:06:25) Open and Personal Conversation With Stephanie

Stephanie Dorsey encourages conversations with everyone, emphasizes the importance of servicing, and provides advice on starting a new job.

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  • Book: The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

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