Announcing Adventures in Growth: a podcast about leadership in tech

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away called "Evanston," two grad students named Dan and Andy were launched into an adventure. They found themselves at the Kellogg School of Management, just as the banking system was collapsing and the iPhone was exploding. 

Flash forward to more than 20 combined years in the tech badlands of SF, New York, Chicago, and Austin; Dan and Andy reflected together on their journeys in a flurry of inspired conversations, sharing leadership stories through boom and bust cycles of innovation and disruption.  

We decided a fun way to share these adventures would be through a podcast and newsletter. 

Adventures in Growth was born as a platform for our fellow leaders to showcase how they charted their own course, jumping into the tech industry and operating in the trenches at game-changing, high-growth companies. We interview tier 1 founders, C-suite execs, and fractional leaders, breaking down how they’ve thought about building legendary careers, leading outstanding teams, and designing the life they really want. 

Your secret weapon playbook…

Having been battle hardened in some of the toughest markets imaginable, we aim is to help a new generation navigate the choppy waters and headwinds currently being faced in tech, and boil down what it takes to build a successful career in an uncertain world by providing a playbook that wasn’t available to us. 

We share what it takes to be a leader, how to be successful in the first 90 days in a new role, and what principles foster high performing teams and culture. We shine a light on the innermost workings of multi-billion dollar, hyper-growth startups, and the warts-and-all realities not reported in glossy PR pieces. 

Leadership doesn’t have to be lonely!

This is more than just a podcast or a newsletter. It’s also a community for those looking to level up, recalibrate, and navigate the complex tech world. It's a network for the ambitious, the curious, and the resilient.  Together, we'll challenge conventional wisdom and share battle-tested strategies from some of the boldest leaders in tech. 

Subscribers can expect:

  • Weekly posts and twice monthly interviews with tier 1 leaders and founders who've shaped the tech industry

  • Access to our playbook deconstructing the success drivers of multi-billion dollar, hyper-growth startups, and the under-the-hood details that you won’t hear about in Techcrunch

  • Exclusive offers and discounts from our partners 

  • Deep dives on today’s hottest startups with the candid perspectives of their founders  

  • Exclusive access to the community and community events 

  • Behind-the-scenes content illustrating our lessons learned in the tech industry

Join the Adventure

And of course, we want to inject some fun into this journey too. After all, what's an adventure without a few laughs along the way? If you're ready to dive into this journey, learn from top tech minds, and be part of a curious and supportive community, hit the subscribe button below:

Join a community shaping the tech world. Here's to our shared adventures in growth!

About Dan & Andy

About Dan:

  • Dan is a product leader and entrepreneur, who has built and led teams in Fintech, Insurtech SasS and Enterprise. He cut his product teeth at Zynga, built product using ML, NLP and CV, before founding Canopy, a fintech that provided collaborative financial tools and shared debit card for family caregivers. Dan lives in the Bay, and advises startups in travel, insurtech, proptech and AI/ML He is currently exploring the power of community and the application of AI and NLP in new ventures. 

About Andy:

  • A CMO and 4x marketplace unicorn growth leader, Andy started his career in tech as an early GM at Uber, launching and managing cities across the Midwest. He has since led Marketing and advised at hyper-growth marketplaces across energy, transportation, entertainment, engineering, healthcare, and real estate. Andy lives in Austin and is particularly interested in mobile behavioral economics, or why having a supercomputer in our pockets is fundamentally changing the way we think. 

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